Passport Data: LUFFA
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Basic information
02.Variety(English):T'ai Kuo Jou Shih Kua
03.NPGRC Temporary Identifier:2015A03075
05.Batch id:2015010053
06.Batch item:2
07.Accession type:SEEDS
08.Acquisition date:2015-12-02 00:00:00
09.Created date:2015-12-07 00:00:00
10.Domestic distribution: Grant distribution after donor's permission
11.Foreign distribution: Grant distribution after donor's permission
12.Donor id:13:TSS
13.Donor accession number:140
01.Common name:LUFFA
Pedigree data
Use of the accession
09.Remark:reproduced from 06A01128
Data of collection
03.Collector name:沈百奎、林子凱
04.Date of collection:2004-09-14 00:00:00
18.Herbarium specimen:N
Characteristic Data
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ID: 013034-10401-00021   VNO: 140
000Scientific nameLuffa cylindrica 
001File date(YYYYMMDD)20151202 
002Variety name(In Chinese)泰國肉絲瓜 
003Variety name(In English)T ai Kuo Jou Shih Kua 
004Seed shape2 elliptic
005Seed length(mm)13.92 
006Seed width(mm)8.9 
007Seed thickness(mm)2.55 
008Seed coat color4 black
009Seed coat surface1 smooth
010Seed glossiness1 absent
011100 seed weight(g)13.54 
012Cotyledon size1 small
013Cotyledon length(cm)46.54/10 
014Cotyledon width(cm)29.96/10 
015Cotyledon color2 green
016Stem length2 medium
017Stem size1 slender
018Internode length3 long
019Length of internode(cm)19 
020Tendril branches
021Depth of lobes on leaf margins1 shallow
022Intensity of dentation1 weak
023Leaf size2 medium
024Leaf color1 light green
025Petiole length2 medium
026Plant type2 regular
027Flower color2 yellow
028Time of blooming1 morning
029From transplanting to first female flower blooming(days)34 
030Sowing date(YYYYMMDD)104/5/4 
031Node no. to first female flower14 
032Female flower position2 at some consecutive nodes
033Ovary size2 medium
034Ovary shape2 short and short
035Fruit set2 medium
036Days from flowering to harvest(days)36 
037Sowing date(YYYYMMDD)104/5/4 
038Days from transplanting to harvest(days)101 
039Sowing date(YYYYMMDD)104/5/4 
040Fruit shape(sponge gourd)2 short cylindrical
042Fruit length commercial fruit(cm)35 
043Fruit diameter commercial fruit(cm)
044Fruit weight commercial fruit(g)680.03 
045Fruit shape at stem end2 rounded
046Fruit pedicle length1 short
047Fruit surface2 smooth
048Length of pistil scar(cm)3.5 
049Breadth of pistil scar(cm)2.5 
050Pistil scar size3 large
051Fruit stripe2 present
052Stripe color2 medium
053Fruit firmness1 soft
054Flesh firmness1 poor
055Fiber(ripened fruit)2 dense
056Fruit color3 bluish green
057Development of fruit fiber2 medium
058Development of ovule2 medium
059Removal of dry rind2 medium
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